Test Project

THINK THINK THINK 14’44’’, 2015. Three channel projection with 6 channel audio. Installation shot at Y Gallerii, Tartu, Estonia. 2015. The work was supported by Y Gallerii, MoKS, Embassy of Ireland to Estonia and Cavan Arts Office. “Burns uses a video audio installation to investigate the human thought process. An experimental interview on three individual […]

Silicone Synapse

Silicon Synapse ‘Silicon Synapse’ is an immersive Virtual Reality and psycho-acoustic experience that will take you on a simulated journey into the personified mind of ‘Technology’. Listening to the inner dialogue of ‘Technology’s’ mind as it replays both sides of a lovers’ quarrel. ‘Technology’ and its life partner ‘Nature’ argue about the sustainability of their […]

Entirely hollow aside from the dark

Entirely hollow aside from the dark is an immersive 19-32 channel psychoacoustic sound event taking place inside ancient natural auditoriums carved into the underbelly of earth’s crust. Using the cave as a physical metaphor for the mind, the cavern personifies the consciousness of Earth as she struggles with her worsening mental health brought on by […]

Exmple Project 1

Train of Thought(on-going work)15min spoken word performance. Most recent performance took place at 6ix Degrees, Irish Museum Of Modern Art, December 2014. Curated by Naomi Sex. A humorous introspective performative self portrait exploiting the notions of a stream of consciousness and a train of thought as a form of storytelling. Image courtesy Irish Museum Of […]