A dark image of intertwined foliage. A mixture of plants typically found in an Irish hedgerow, including ivy, brambles and moss.

Caoineadh Dúlra

Confronting climate grief through art, music, and reflection.


A series of events exploring pressing issues of biodiversity loss and climate grief while commemorating the artistic, cultural, and musical heritage of the Island of Ireland. These events foster cross-border collaboration, brought together communities from both sides of the border in a collective effort to address the shared environmental crisis.

An Evening Exploring
Caoineadh and Climate Grief
Sunday 15 Oct, 2023

Aughakillymaude Centre,
Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh

Exploring Caoineadh or Keening with UCC’s Marian Caulfield, a leading expert in the field. A round table discussion was lead by environmental artist AlanJames Burns, with Marian and biodiversity expert Heather Bothwell. There were also live performances of lament airs by Kerry McCabe and Caoineadh by Róis Connolly, both traditional musicians from Co. Fermanagh.

This evening of haunting music, emotive pros, and engaging discussion united the audience in a powerful collective experience focused on the losses caused by our shared environmental crisis. By processing grief and redefining environmental loss as a cohesive bond , Caoineadh Dúlra aims to inspire attendees to take meaningful action in preserving the precious natural resources across the island of Ireland.

Caoineadh Residential Workshop
14 & 15 Oct, 2023

Jampa Ling Centre, Bawnboy, Cavan

Discovering the ancient practice of Caoineadh or Keening this transformative workshop was led by Tanya Bryan, a psychotherapist and keening expert. Participants experienced the cathartic expression of shared personal and ecological grief. They connected with Irish heritage through the therapeutic power of sound and spontaneous collective experience. Revitalising traditional skill sets for processing grief offers us tools through which we can re-engage with and reframe environmental loss – not as a state of disconnection and isolation, but as a collective, unifying experience, which can be channelled as a catalyst for change.

Photography by Sheila Rooney.

Caoineadh Dúlra, a groundbreaking series of events, in conjunction with artist AlanJames Burns’s ambitious theatrical project The Waking Walls. The project is based on a three year research and development period by artist AlanJames Burns that has connected people from both sides of the border and has utilised cultural heritage methodologies that foster collective wellbeing.

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