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Disrupt Disability Arts Festival

Disrupt Disability Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of disability art, curated by and for the disability community.

The festival includes theatre, dance, literature-based performance and visual arts, all delivered through a range of accessible formats in relaxed spaces. This unique festival is designed to deepen understanding and appreciation for the richness of experiences and perspectives that define disability in Ireland. Disrupt Disability Arts Festival actively dismantles barriers to artistic engagement faced by both artists and audiences with lived experience of disability.

Guided by the principles of the social model of disability, Disrupt Disability Arts Festival is a disability-led and disability-focused event. It foregrounds quality artistic practices while challenging prevailing notions about disability. Disrupt Disability Arts Festival is a space for connection between the Irish disability community and wider society, opening dialogue and creating shared experiences.

The festival’s hybrid events (in-person and online) open up the programme to wider disability communities, but also to carers and national arts audiences who may face economic or geographical barriers.

Join the inaugural Disrupt Disability Arts Festival from 7-11 March 2024 at Project Arts Centre and online.

The visual art exhibition and online programme continue until 20 April.

Come on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, transcends boundaries and reshapes narratives around disability and the arts.

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