14 - 28 July 2023

Our Place playfully explores themes of happiness, human rights, and a sense of belonging by transforming the McKenna Gallery at Riverbank Arts Centre into a friendly multi-sensory environment through an electric combination of sound art, storytelling, tactile lighting and comfy seating for everyone to enjoy.

A soundscape plays through a system of 12 audio speakers in the gallery with adjustable volume. To further enhance this experience for everyone, three distinct sensory areas within the gallery space have been created including; a social seating area, a time out area, and a tactile string lighting area.

A neon sign with the words ‘Our Place’ in block capitals. The sign is glowing a warm purple pink colour.

“We made class sounds, and listened back to our recordings on Zoom and WhatsApp. We boosted our health and our happiness. It was fab!"
- David Carter, artist

Our Place was developed by artists Dr Sinéad McCann and AlanJames Burns in close collaboration with artists, who are supported by Saint John of God Liffey Services, Aíne Walsh, David Carter, Keith Whelan, Laura Hickey, Aidan Winters, Conor Begley, David Carter, David Deane, Frances Quinn, Jonathan Smith, Niamh Fortune and Sean Winder.

All creative decisions and ideas leading to the exhibition design were informed by collaborative workshops with all collaborators, including during a two-week residency in Riverbank Arts Centre in February 2023. Our Place is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland Artist in Community Scheme, managed by Create Ireland. Our Place is supported by Kildare’s Creative Ireland bursary awards 2023.


To ensure that the exhibition was accessible as possible, a number of accessibility measures were put in place. These included an introduction video using lámh, a social story available online at Riverbank Arts Centre website, open captions of sound artworks, audio description way finder of the exhibition, braille description for exhibition signage, adjustable lighting and sound volume, and an option to book visits in advance and receive a ticket from Riverbank Arts Centre.

Image from exhibition guest book for Our Place. In handwriting there are the following comments: Well done we absolutely loved your exhibition. - Stephanie Hanan Instructor, Mountain View SJOG. Really great exhibition. We all loved it - Avila Day Centre Tallaght. Lovely exhibition. Thank you. The kids enjoyed all teh textures + sounds.

Project Credits

  • Artists: AlanJames Burns,Dr Sinéad McCann, Aíne Walsh, David Carter, Keith Whelan, Laura Hickey, Aidan Winters, Conor Begley, David Carter, David Deane, Frances Quinn, Jonathan Smith, Niamh Fortune and Sean Winder
  • Support Services: Saint John of God Liffey Services, Sarah Gavra Boland, Suzanne Gallagher and Klara Gyarmath
  • Commissioning Venue: Caroline Williams and Alexsandra Rosiak, Riverbank Arts Centre
  • Production: AlanJames Burns and Dr Sinéad McCann
  • Production Support: Karina Lynch Charles and Fiona Byrne
  • Composer: Peter Power
  • Technician: John Mahon, Riverbank Arts Center
  • Administration: Martina McDonald and Theresa Davidson, Riverbank Arts Center
  • Publicity: Helen Whiteley, Riverbank Arts Center
  • Captioning: Stagetext
  • Braille transcription: National Council for the Blind Ireland
  • Toys, Technology, Training provision: Kildare Library Services
  • Wayfinding audio description: Mo Harte
  • Website: Karina Lynch Charles
  • Funders: Arts Council of Ireland Artist in Community Scheme, Create Ireland, Kildare County Council, and Creative Ireland.
A selection of sensory objects on a table. There are balls and rings in a variety of bright colours, red, green, yellow and with a variety of textures. In the background there is a piece of looping neon art glowing orange.

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