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Caoineadh Dúlra, 14 & 15 Oct, 2023

A dark image of intertwined foliage. A mixture of plants typically found in an Irish hedgerow, including ivy, brambles and moss.

Caoineadh Dúlra is a groundbreaking series of events, in conjunction with artist AlanJames Burns’s ambitious theatrical project The Waking Walls (8th & 9th September 2023).

The Waking Walls, 8 & 9 Sept, 2023

The ruin of a round stone castle sits on a tiny island on a lake, the island is just big enough for the tower. One side of the tower has crumbled away. Trees surround the island and disappear into the water, birds fly across the sky. The reflection of the tower is clearly seen in the still water, creating a mirror image. The weather is grey and foggy obscuring the boundary between the water and the sky.

A wholly distinct experience that uniquely draws upon the Irish traditions of lamenting and caoineadh/ keening to express emotions of ecological and climate grief felt due to lost heritage and ecology associated with climate change.

Our Place

Friday 14 July to Friday 28 July
Our Place playfully explores themes of happiness, human rights, and a sense of belonging by transforming the McKenna Gallery at Riverbank Arts Centre into a friendly multi-sensory environment.

Silicone Synapse

Three different scales of artificial large free-swimming creatures similar to that of a jellyfish. The centre jellyfish is the largest in the frame. The jellyfish creatures hover, with its umbrella-shaped encasing resembling a metallic pulsing brain with a jutting out tentacle to its side. The trailing tentacles are depicted as metallic legs with fragments of amber light bouncing on the tentacles. The background is jet black.

Silicon Synapse ‘Silicon Synapse’ is an immersive Virtual Reality and psycho-acoustic experience that will take you on a simulated journey into the personified mind of ‘Technology’. Listening to the inner dialogue of ‘Technology’s’ mind as it replays both sides of a lovers’ quarrel. ‘Technology’ and its life partner ‘Nature’ argue about the sustainability of their […]

Entirely hollow aside from the dark

The photograph of Smugglers Cave,Portrane, Co.Dublin. The image depicts the immersiveness of being inside a cave.The opening of the cave mouth is facing outwards to the sea. The powerful tide is coming in, filling the entire entrance. The light of the sky bounces off the waves and begins to creep into the heart of the cavern.

Entirely hollow aside from the dark is an immersive 19-32 channel psychoacoustic sound event taking place inside ancient natural auditoriums carved into the underbelly of earth’s crust. Using the cave as a physical metaphor for the mind, the cavern personifies the consciousness of Earth as she struggles with her worsening mental health brought on by […]

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