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Augmented Body, Altered Mind Townhall Arts Centre Cavan, 4-8 June, 2024

A side portrait of an individual with soft feminine features and a tight haircut is wearing a MUSE headband across their forehead. Behind them is an ipad on a stand with different variations of waves depicted through distinct primary colours and their associative name. The projected screen behind the individual depicts a combination of white brown, beige and grey clusters combine and morph from a glacial to desert-like landscape that cracks and clouds over.

As part of the Augmented Body Altered Mind tour, the exhibition will travel to Townhall Arts Centre Cavan.

This exhibition will ignite the launch of the artist’s and DCU’s latest project, Divergently Together, which leverages STEM technologies to empower disabled and neurodivergent communities in climate action.

Disrupt Disability Festival 2024

Banner for the Disrupt Disability Arts Festival. The festival logo, a large ‘D’, sits on a black background. In the top right and bottom left corners, there are wavy pink lines in bright cerise. Behind them are blurred lines of the same colour giving the impression of motion.

Disrupt Disability Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of disability art, curated by and for the disability community. 

Festival launches, 7 March.

Performance Programme, 7-11 March.

Visual Arts Exhibition and Online Programme, 8 March – 20 April

Neural Landscapes, 9 Nov, 2023

Exhibition graphic for Neural Landscapes, an abstract drawing resembling a dragon or mythical creature, rendered in fine line and in black and white, the bottom sections are filled in a bright lime green.

Join Aoibheann Greenan and AlanJames Burns for a conversation that will span the convergence of art and neurotechnology, as it relates to each of their artistic practices and a broader discussion of the work in The Ninth Muse exhibition. More info

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