Sound On!


Sound On! is a creative sound artwork exploring experiences of human rights and happiness for and by people with a learning disability. The sound artwork consists of 3 sound tracks entitled;

I Have the Right (2’ 47’’)
Sounds of our Lives (3’ 51’’)
Listen In (8’ 55’’)

The Sound On! project is a collaboration between artists Dr Sinéad McCann, AlanJames Burns and Saint John of God Liffey Services Ireland who provide a range of support to adults with learning disabilities.

The artwork was developed over a six-month period during the Covid 19 lockdown through weekly on-line creative workshops, facilitated and led by artists Dr Sinéad McCann and AlanJames Burns in collaboration with Aidan Winters, Conor Begley, David Carter, David Deane, Frances Quinn, Jonathan Smith, Keith Whelan, Laura Hickey, Niamh Fortune and Sean Winder who were supported to create fun and self-expressive sound artworks. 

Co–designers Niamh Fortune and Conor Begley worked closely with the artists to design the delivery of the Sound On! project. The composition for the sound tracks was created in collaboration with composer Conor O’Malley. The creative workshops were supported by Saint John of God Liffey Services support staff led by Assistive Technology facilitator Sarah Gavra Boland and Suzanne Cunningham through the SJOG Liffey Online Engage Programme. The group demonstrated many transferable skills including;

  • New creative and digital skills
  • Problem solving, perseverance, focus and receiving instruction through their ability to record their voices and sounds using accessible sound recording and editing software
  • Creativity and confidence while producing their independent and group sound art pieces through personal and collective expression
  • Self-expression, critical review and feedback, teamwork, discussion and collaboration skills
“This project is profound! There is something about it that just connects with our shared humanity. Listening to voices with no images really removes a barrier that can often cause us to categorise in terms of ‘them and us’. These audio clips capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way that draws us into a real connection with what is being said and the humanity of the individuals speaking. They are haunting, disembodied echoes of what we all experience. We could all learn a lot from listening to these audio clips.” – Christina Doody, Behaviour Specialist, Callan Institute

“We are delighted to be part of this wonderful inclusive partnership and to launch this powerful work. I’m looking forward to exploring the response to the art work at our Beautiful Difference symposium in June, 2022.” – Allie Walton-Robson, Creative Director, Headway Arts

This project is kindly funded and supported by:

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