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AlanJames Burns AlanJames Burns produces collaborative, interactive, socially engaged and site-specific exhibitions. The focal points of their artistic and curatorial practice are disability, climate change and the human mind. Full Biography PDF DOCX Enquires General: studio@alanjamesburns.com  Press: stephaniedickenson12@gmail.com 

Silicone Synapse

Three different scales of artificial large free-swimming creatures similar to that of a jellyfish. The centre jellyfish is the largest in the frame. The jellyfish creatures hover, with its umbrella-shaped encasing resembling a metallic pulsing brain with a jutting out tentacle to its side. The trailing tentacles are depicted as metallic legs with fragments of amber light bouncing on the tentacles. The background is jet black.

Silicon Synapse ‘Silicon Synapse’ is an immersive Virtual Reality and psycho-acoustic experience that will take you on a simulated journey into the personified mind of ‘Technology’. Listening to the inner dialogue of ‘Technology’s’ mind as it replays both sides of a lovers’ quarrel. ‘Technology’ and its life partner ‘Nature’ argue about the sustainability of their […]

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Privacy Statement The studio of AlanJames Burns is committed to keeping your information private. We understand that your privacy and the security of your information are very important to you. The purpose of this Website Privacy Statement is to outline how we deal with the privacy of the users of this website. Please read the […]

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